AQA gcse biology /physics/chemistry 2019 paper 2 Watch

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I really need the triple science higher papers from 2019 for my next mocks in two weeks. I only need the paper 2 but I'm really desperate because I'm the only one in my year group who hasn't revised for paper 2. Even unofficial markschemes would help. Please help me.
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No one will have them except your teachers and there’s barely anyone who remembers what is on the test. You could look on here some threads if you search up the key words. However, it’s much better looking at the content now and doing the best with what you know so you can use that for consolidation afterwards
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if you do AQA Triple, i think i remember a few questions for Physics

Paper 2:
-need to describe why two bumper cars will stop when they bump into each other (momentum)
-need to describe energy stores and what happens as a sky-diver is falling
-weird question about why there are new models and old models arent used (i talked about the plum pudding model and the new atom model)
-a fab calculation question at the end about extension, you have to use like 3 equations but it's really good
-a **** calculation on velocity or speed or something, i think you either use accelaration or kinetic energy
-6 marker on how stopping distance is affected (thinking distance and braking distance)
-explain why an egg dropped at a height into a box of wool won't crack compared to if it was dropped onto concrete
-why/how accelerating too much could affect or harm someone
-need to know about moving diaphragm of microphone and how microphone works
-need to know about how ultrasounds let us see unborn babies
-need to know the practical for transverse waves (one with paper and drawing lines from rays)
-need to know about infrared radiation and how black and matt absorb heat more than white and shiny
-need to know about black body radiation
-need to know how to calculate depth with sound waves
That's all i could remember for paper 2 and this paper was more easier than 1 so you should be fine.
Good luck!

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