Year 13's put into year 7 tutor groups because on new head of sixthform! Watch

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So I'm currently in my final year of sixthform and my new head of sixthform has decided to make all sixthformers help out in the tutor groups of the younger years. However, they dont want us there. We were told that we would be helping out putting up displays etc., using the time productively. But after this past week we have all come to realise that they just make us sit in the back of the room in silence, doing nothing as if we aren't there. As you can imagine, as a year 13 I would much rather be back in my form completing coursework and revising for my upcoming exams, but instead we are forced to do nothing during this time every morning.

When this was set up I had no idea about it as I wasnt there the afternoon we were all suppose to be told and so missed the first few days and now things are just awkward with me and the other 3 sixthformers who are in the year below me and that I dont know, who also help out in there. Where as everyone else is slightly better off as they are with their friends in those tutor groups.

It's not like our sixthform tutors ( which is only 2 by the way - one for year 12 and one for year 13) are even doing anything whilst we aren't there, they havent been assigned any duties or another form to replace ours so I dont see why we cant just go back to our old forms. Being in the ones with the younger years means that we are late to lessons because we are at different parts of the school, we are wasting time to do nothing when we could be getting on with work, we miss any notices that we may have, we aren't getting any help with ucas and the deadline is tomorrow! It's just so stupid and annoying and as someone who doesnt do well in new situations im really struggling.

I've tried to talk to the new head of sixthform about it but you can never find her when you need to speak to her. It's so annoying! She hasn't asked about our thought of this and hasn't asked for any feedback on what the experiance is like.

I think it's ok for the year 12's to do it, this year isnt as important for them but I dont think it should be compulsory for year 13's, this year is really important for us and we can waste time worrying or complaining about this new arrangement.
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could you not raise the issue with a more senior member in school? email them w your complaints.

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