Hi I have an interview for podiatry on 1st feb any advice how to prep please Watch

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Hi I have an interview for podiatry coming up and need advice how to prep. Any advice please
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(Original post by Jaycusack71)
Hi I have an interview for podiatry coming up and need advice how to prep. Any advice please

I’m currently a first year podiatry student, so thought I help out with some advice!

Firstly, congrats on the interview!
Interview styles can obviously range from uni to uni, but from my experience, I would make sure you remember and revise exactly what you have wrote in your personal statement, as I seemed to of got a lot of burning questions of what I mentioned in it. (Sounds crazy but I know a few people who had totally forgotten what they wrote in there PS 😂) this just avoids on the spot questions and will make it flow naturally!

I would really recommend researching and get up to date with the latest research, especially if your going to talk about a specialised area your interested in as this will show the university that you really have a passion for the profession.

I also recommend discussing future plans if you have any? By this I mean further study at postgrad level or plans of what you would like to do after the degree, such as wanting to either work for the NHS or Plans to go private...

Overall, just tell them why you chose podiatry (and obviously why you chose this uni of course 😅), why you are interested in this great profession, talk about you and why it inspired you to want to study it!

Hope this helps and good luck!!

P.s , which uni’s do you have interviews for?

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