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My little sister who's 16 btw is nosey af and keeps asking me where i go. she looks through peoples snapchat stories of the night or through instagram then tries to expose me to my parents. i cant even go on night outs and stuff like that anymore properly because of how nosey she is. i dont know what to do she's just annoying af. all my friends got a night out/event planned in a few weeks in leceister but im not sure if i want to go tbh because i know there are going to be a lot of people there going, and it's likely some people that she knows may be going there as well. So i dont know whether i should tell her the truth. Or just tell them nothing and go there, in the hopes that her friends don't see me or recognise me & that no videos/pics were taken of me lol. Advice?
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If you are of age you should be able to live your life and not have to worry. It’s best just to tell the truth if you think she’ll see you.

I can relate. My youngest brother is 8 and I can’t tell him ANYTHING anymore. Anything I told him, he told to my mum. I once told him about when I went to the woods at 1am with my friends on a trip and he didn’t keep his mouth shout about it.

Little siblings are always snitches. They love getting everyone in trouble.

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