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I’ve never had sex nor have I ever inserted anything really into my vagina, but I’ve been trying to because I wanna have sex with my boyfriend. I can’t even get a finger in without freaking out. So basically, I went to look down there with a mirror and saw the opening which looked fine, and so I decided that I’d try stick a finger in. I was aroused and used lube, but when I tried I felt this rough, fleshy round thing at the top which was pretty much blocking me from putting my finger in further, and is super sensitive (not in a good way)?? I have no idea what this is and I feel like I can’t get past it because it hurts too much. I’ve been to my GP before and they’ve been no help, all they say is to relax and use lube!!! It’s so frustrating 😞 it’s like I’m not being taken seriously. Please if anyone could help or has experienced something like this before, It would be appreciated for some given advice x
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Hi, I had a very similar thing before I had sex for the first time, it nearly covered the whole opening, but it was just my hymen. It could just be like mine, u might just have a slightly different hymen, it just takes a bit more to break it, but with time it honestly does get better and doesn’t hurt too much when it happens - if that is the case I promise you’ll be fine, if not maybe try and see a gynaecologist just to be safe

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