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This is my second term abroad in the USA, last semester was such a huge rollercoaster but, in the end, (November- December) I managed to secure 2 close friends. Before that I was with a group of people who began over time to no longer include me in their activities. It seemed I wasn’t wanted, and no contact was made by them over the holidays. Thankfully, I managed to meet 2 of the kindest people, this relationship felt so much better.

However, the 2 people I met have transferred universities and I now feel alone. I wasn’t looking forward to returning after having spent time with loving family and friends back home. Being an international student, I just feel so secluded and I want to replicate what I managed to obtain last semester, but it’s hard getting someone to hang out with you after class. I don’t know, the US culture is different. Feels like friendships are a lot more short-term and people just interested in meeting many people.

Basically, any advice on how you can get a British cheap to burst out this bubble and make at least 1 friend.

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