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Currently at the University of Manchester and I am considering a switch to another university. I do Politics and IR and got ABB in my a levels. I'm currently averaging a first and that is how i intend to finish the year (if that gives me any preferences among institutions).

Just wondering which institutions may be a viable alternative (on or similar to the level of Manchester), I had places like Exeter, York, Bath and Birmingham in mind.

Also what to expect whether I join from the 1st of 2nd year feels quite weird as well.

Some of the big things on my mind:

1st year - Losing an extra year of time essentially restarting uni (planning on year abroad and a masters too), also the student loan seems like it would be huge (not really sure how much you pay back in instalments though, I heard the instalments are pretty small).

2nd year - Seems like it would seem pretty weird and maybe you would feel like a bit of an outsider being in halls as a 2nd year, doing your lectures and stuff with people who already have their established friendship groups and all that. Socially maybe a bit awkward? How would it differ from moving into halls on first year?

Also, whats the application process like? Can i find places on a similar level to Manchester? And if let's say I applied but wanted to stay in Manchester, could I do that? The thought of committing myself to something at this stage is pretty daunting lol

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If you want to apply for first year then you’ll need to submit your ucas application by 6pm today to have equal consideration. There’s a good chance universities will still accept applications after that time but if you’re able to meet the deadline you’ll maximise your chances.

For second year entry the deadline is less important. And many universities will consider you for first year entry if they’re unable to make you an offer for second year.

Have a read of for more information.

Unless you’re expecting to earn £40k or more immediately on graduation then you’re unlikely to repay 3 years of loans - which means increasing your loan to cover 4 years will not impact the amount you repay.

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