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French Year Abroad in Quebec

Going on my year abroad in September and spending the first Semester in France at a University.
For the second semester I really want to go to Montréal, Quebec in Canada but my University doesn't have any ties to the Universities there, so I have to find a work placement/internship - my University also hasn't provided any help for finding this placement/accommodation since most people obviously want to go to France.
I have been searching extensively for literally anything for a couple of months now with no such luck.
Does anyone have any advice as to how to get a job/internship and where to look for it or have actually spent their year abroad in Montreal working, and how they got their job/internship. (I'm interested in humanitarian work, teaching, arts and culture, journalism, theatre and the arts, fashion, events etc).

Thank you so much,

from a stressed second year!
Did you have any luck?

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