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I’m currently 4-5 months into my A-levels and I’ve chosen them because I’ve enjoyed them immensely during GCSE with one because I’m interested in it and it helps with my family business in case I don’t get into university, like it or drop out.I’m studying AS Biology, AS History and a Level 3 Certificate in Business all WJEC. I got an A in Biology, A in unit 1, A* in unit 2 and a C in unit 3 (practical exam where the practical surpassed the time given). I also got an A in History and did Geography which makes me enjoy Business more than I already do.

I enjoy them all but I want to go further in Biology because I’m either speechlessly fascinated or questioning why no-one else finds it so cool because it’s so complex and utterly mind blowing. Specifically I want to further in research or pathology and I’ve attended Suzy Lishman’s live autopsy thing (talk?) which I’ve loved and I aspire to be a forensic pathology; maybe just something in pathology.

However I’ve read around and seeing so many people taking and advising Chemistry and Biology together is scaring me. I got a B in Chemistry for GCSE but that was after working my arse off because the way my teacher delivered the content didn’t work for me. Quite frankly, you either had to work your arse off or naturally had a good memory to get a decent or exceptional grade with her half-arsed teaching. I didn't want to take Chemistry A-level because it was either her and another teacher who was far worse. All the people who chemistry are in my Biology class and they’ve complained to our head of sixth form about it. Just the brightest guy who is exceptionally hardworking and smart barely passed her mock exam because she included many things they were never taught.

At the same time, however, learning biology has made me realise chemistry is in fact incredibly cool. For example, like how we sweat, the biological roles of water and it’s importance to life, how the stomata opens and closes, the phospholipid bilayer and everything else.I don’t know if not taking chemistry A-Level was the right choice or not because it closes many paths, as people say and I don’t know if I would enjoy it more than history a level and business or I’d hate it either way because of the chemistry teachers. My biology teacher explains chemistry better than them.

I haven’t taken maths because it was hard for me as I started revision late and prioritised the sciences, History, RE, welsh and geography more because I enjoyed them. At the time I was choosing my subjects, I didn’t know how and why taking Chemistry with biology would be preferred.

To what extent have I made my chances getting into science-related courses harder?
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You could look at foundation years - that would give you a chance to get up to speed with chemistry.

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