Feeling bullied at my new job - been a couple weeks and go in with panic/anxiety atta Watch

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I will cut a lot of details out in order to make this not go on and on…
I started a new job a couple weeks ago for the private sector. First four days were fine, the last day wasn’t. Apparently, I told the executives on the first day of meeting that I will be leaving in a couple months and that this is a temp. role. Whether this is true or not, is beside the point… she was really forceful, brute and laid into me. That I “would be not respected if I left in two months” (if I did, then this could be due to sickness or such, so to say this is out of order). She said that three people confirmed this and that I spoke DIRECTLY to them – I admit I did say I enjoyed their presentation because it could be applicable to me in the future for when I apply for medicine. I didn’t think much of it – this is a low wage job, btw – and I supposedly said those things to go with it. I can only think that when one of the other grads. asked if I was going to apply to more jobs in the future and I said yes (they must have overheard this in the big ass room).
Anyway… moving to Thursday just gone, my manager asked me to work this Sunday and I said no. Again, she called me Friday to ask me to work the next Sunday and I said no – I told her before I got this job that I am still working my other job on the weekends (working full 7 days). She was fine with this in the interview but said there will be 4/5 times in the year that they will need me to do it but she will let me know at least four weeks in advance. This is fine as can book time off for it.
Well on the phone, she started arguing with me saying that in the interview she told me that Sundays are compulsory and it needs to be done often. I checked the job advertisement and it says ‘occasional required to work Sundays) … she keeps making out that I am lying about this. I am sick of her talking down to me and expecting me to bend backwards for her... she puts me on edge. I have really bad anxiety (medication for this) and she’s adding loads of pressure onto me. I am doing the job well – I don’t need assistance.
Then on the same day, as I am based in two sites (the admin. site is where my manager is and the ‘action’ site is where I do my bit) the ‘action’ team managers/professionals (that strongly dislike my manager) are whispering about me saying that I am being too chatty and talking to people. 1) I am new and getting to know people. 2) I am DOING my job. I think they saw me talking to one guy (he used to do my bit so took him aside to make sure I am doing it right) and maybe that instigated it? I just know that if this information gets to my manager then she will have another reason to flip out at me. I wanted to cry on Friday… I keep trying, and trying, and trying and for some bizarre reason, really stupid problems are arising. I enjoy the job and need the money; I don’t want to quit.
What do I do? I can’t seem to do anything right. Am I obliged to work Sundays, despite saying no?
Also want to note that my manager was talking to her fav. colleague about me (I think) as they were whispering about how it’s not been two weeks and a worker is already thinking of moving on… lol what – clearly it must be me. She said she was going to keep that between us. Also, she clearly told the team that I can’t work Sundays as I work at my shop, which they knew about on Friday after the conversation despite me not telling them and keeping it private.
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What does it say in your contract? You need to read that, not the job advert. However, if you are 'required' to do Sunday work, then yes, you will need to work on some Sundays.

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