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I got
English Literature 6
English language 6
Business studies 5
It m2(6)
Geography 3
Maths 3
History 2
Dt 2
Combine science 2,3

I just want 5s, I need to get these all up to at least a 4 in like 5 weeks, any advice?is it possible?
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ah I see you were unfortunate like me and chose DT! My advice for that is to really try your best with your NEA since it's half of your grade. I did really well with my NEA but I was terrible at theory (which I'm guessing is what your mock result is based on?) try and make your NEA as good as you can to help boost your grade and then try and make flashcards/mindmaps for the theory

for maths you should basically just do lots and lots and lots of practice papers, use mymaths or mathswatch if your teachers have access to that, mathsisfun is a good website if you don't understand a topic too

for science, my revision was basically just going through the textbook and summarising it into mindmaps for each topic. Also making a 'cheatsheet' kind of thing where you just write down all the things you forget in your exams is a good way to learn them. if you do AQA science I made some mindmaps (mostly for physics) that you could use. I did separate science so some things are probably not in your specification but yeah if you would like them you can use them
my tes shop: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Armyof1 they're all free by the way

for geography I made a lot of flashcards and used quizlet. for the case studies I typed up every single one I needed for the two papers and basically just summarised the main points that I should remember. if you're interested in that too I could upload that to tes too?

oo I could link my quizlet things as well? I have stuff for DT, geography and science I think
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yes. practice papers and questions'll be really useful for all these subjects. make sure you know the content well first and you're using active recall in revision.

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