Leaving full time employment for University

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Good evening everyone

I'm considering giving up my full time job to start over again at University doing Dentistry. I'm looking for the opinions of other people as I feel so lost at the moment and its causing me to become depressed and impact my attitude towards working and progressing myself. My mind over the last year is now so scattered that I’m struggling to commit to decision without hesitating and questioning if I’ve made the right choice.

Let's start with my story and how I got into this position. During schooling I was never really given any encouragement to focus on my learning from my family or Teachers. Instead I spent majority of time struggling in school, I wasn't the troublemaker kid but instead the kid who was always quiet and did what he was told. My household was more focused on my parents splitting up. Which impacted me as I wasn't very happy with family life, I would come home either pretend to be someone I wasn't or hide myself away in computers games. I left school with GCSE C across the board which isn’t brilliant but not awful at the same time.

As I progressed from school into college not having a single clue what I wanted to do and my parents who didn’t help me decide let alone come with me to open events. I left college with a Distinction BTEC level 3 in ICT and then started University for only one month before my current company offered me position as an apprentice and a pay packet I couldn't refuse.

Now moving on 5 years and I’m 24 and getting paid £45k - 50k, work 4 days a week and considering getting my first property. I’m very grateful for the opportunities and I understand that not many people would have chance that I’ve been given but I just don’t feel complete and feel like I could do more. I spent a couple years in my spare time learning code in an attempt to release my own app but my drive is slowly drying up. I want to be challenged, feel like I've achieved and also help others. But and heres where the story takes a turn. After growing up out of teens and looking at the corporate world I’m feeling like I can be doing so much more with my life I’ve started the question my decisions.

I’ve met some great people in the last 12 months who have truly opened my eyes as to what I could be working towards. One job that has grasped my interest is Dentistry and I wish I could time travel slap 18 year me old around the face and give him my wisdom. Instead now I’m stuck in the dilemma of giving up a good paid job and getting my first property. Currently my grades aren’t on par with what required thank you stupid kid me. I can complete the required 3 A-levels while still working. Then start 5 years of University making me 31 before I start a decent wage again, thats if I get accepted. I’m getting stress knowing that the same people I went to school with are now finishing up these types of degrees and about to begin their life and I’m considering start over again.

Understandably family haven’t been helpful and instead give backhanded advice. Pretty much its your life and your decisions and then but you'd be stupid to give up your earning. I’m stuck in a catch 22 with everyday becoming more depressive and my head repeating questions over and over again. Persuading myself with acceptance and trying to show myself the positives of my current job put a band aid over the problem for a little while but I’m being impacted dramatically.

I don’t know my next step and feel like I’m getting a dagger in the side with every step that I make.

Thank you for you time….
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I am leaving my career to go into higher education and I'm terrified. All I've got is I'm not currently happy with the position I'm in, I want more and I love learning and feel I could have better career opportunities if I study at a higher level.

I am 22 at the moment. I applied for Uni and have been offered a place at uni. I'll be ~26 when I leave which is very spooky as I've been working every day since I was 16. I know that's younger than you, but I hope this shows you you're not the only one who's potentially making the biggest mistake of their lives - I kid, it'll be worth it. Apply, see if you get in. Find a course with modules that excite you and just do it. You're still young. You can afford a career change.

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