What are the unwritten rules of your high school?

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ever school has them

i would say

never wear Shorts as someone will try to pull them down and embarrass you

generally just keep yourself to yourself.
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Y7-Y8 (or Y9, depending on when you choose your options) don't matter as you'll repeat it all in Y9 (or Y10 if previous brackets apply to you). As such, focus on making friends and being social in Y7 until the year you make your GCSE options.In terms of GCSE options, pick the subjects you love the most, it doesn't matter what subjects you choose, just the grades, but taking a language is the only subject you could take which helps, and if possible, ask to do the higher papers even though they are harder, because you may get lucky and do really well on some harder questions which otherwise would not be available to someone who did the foundation papers.Y9 (or Y10) until the end of high school focus on getting the requirements to your desired 6th Form or College, the GCSEs themselves unless you're going to Oxbridge or UCLAN don't exactly matter, as long as you get a pass, most universities will accept you, but try to aim for a 6/C.College, choose subjects based on what course you want to do at university and choose a college with a good or outstanding Ofsted rating. Also, try and do A-Levels or AS levels as they are more recognised by universities, stay way from BTECs. Back to Ofsted ratings, the higher the rating, they more likely your college/6th form will be recognised by whomever reads your personal statement and make them feel more inclined to accept you.General tips:• Don't become complacent in school, push yourself time to time• Exams shouldn't be stressed over, as when you stress over them, you don't get effective revision done• In my experience, either keep to yourself and don't stir beef/be a sheep to some extent• Relationships are pointless until about Y10• For the love of god don't do drugs• Get a part time job at your local chippie or someplace easy to work on the weekends, looks good on personal statement and you can make up to £300 (on minimum in summer months)• Do bronze DofE• Do NCS• DO NOT DROP OUTBest of luck my dude, it is a hard 7 years but it's worth it.

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