Micro-teaching for an interview

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Hello everyone!

I got an interview in a week's time, and quite interestingly they asked to prepare a micro-teaching presentation with quite an interesting topic:

"Analyse how legislation and regulation impacts on customer service provision in a selected business" .

Based on info on the students' level, they had been out of education or struggling a lot with their materials (ages 16-to young vulnerable adults).

Thus I made so far a presentation including a few preliminaries: like what is legislation and regulation, and customer service. I have added info on various legislation acts as well. Also have placed how does those legislations affect customer service delivery/provision.

The problem is I do not easily to the 20 minute mark (it takes me 10 mins)! Are there any tips, hints that I can do to increase my time? Any suggestions as to what type of examples might be good? Also...during the micro-teaching session, should I "treat" the panel as if they are students and have them do said examples/activities?

Thank you for all tips.

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