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So I am currently in year 12 and my A levels are economics, English literature and history and an EPQ. My predicted grades for my A levels are two A* and an A and an A* for my EPQ. I wish to study law at Cambridge or LSE and perhaps even maybe an Ivy League in the US such as Yale or Harvard. However, the problem is that my GCSE grades are not amazing:

English language 7
English literature 8
Math 7
Biology 7
Physics 8
Chemistry 7
Business 6
History 5
Arabic C

During my GCSEs, I just was not motivated at all and thus did not revise however I know that if I did revise I would be capable of doing much better. Now my problem is that universities take into consideration your predicted grades and your AS grades however all of my subjects are linear except economics so I do not have that much to show them. Is there a way for me to prove to these universities my academic intelligence, perhaps self-studying an AS subject and privately sitting it? My extracurriculars are really good I just need to find a way to prove my academic capabilities. Please help me.
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Contact all the unis to see if your gcses will affect your application despite other factors. Cambridge does look at gcses but it doesnt have the emphasis oxford has; your gcse will be overlooked if you do well in all aspects of the process (i.e your predicted grades, interview, personal statement, internal tests, gcses and actual grades). However, I'm not too sure on Imperial as they kind arent quite as lenient on gcse grades.

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