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Hi! I'm applying for anthropology this year and got offers from LSE and UCL, but I'm really not sure which one should I put as firm.
I've heard from many friends and teachers saying that UCL is now much better than LSE in Anthropology. Personally I prefer the course structure in LSE, but I'm also happy to try out the broad areas in anthropology provided in UCL....
Can anyone currently studying or have studied in these two universities help me with this pleeeaaase? It would be wonderful if you can talk about things such as student experience, academic support and employer reputation etc.
Thank you soooo much
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i would personally say ucl - i'm international and although i applied for both schools for history and politics, i have never visited them so my opinion probably isn't very valuable to you, but from the research i've done, i would say ucl. lse is more focused on modern history and they don't offer any courses dating before 1400, which i think says a lot about the nature of their anthropology department as well. they are definitely more focused on the social sciences stream (politics, IR, economics, etc...) meanwhile, ucl is definitely more humanities based (anthropology, classics, literature...). so yeah, just from what i know about the schools in general and other departments, there are some indicators that i think imply that ucl anthro might be better from an objective stance. obv both are amazing! congrats on the offers!!! (i'm still waiting for my decisions and am panicking) but if it comes down to really having to choose between these 2 great schools i would say ucl for anthro! hope this helps

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