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I'm struggling to eat healthy at uni everyday , i like to think i'm committed to the gym and workout a few times , but sometimes i feel like im shoving too much fats and carbs into me and not going enough protein , i typically try to have a protein shake everyday when i work out and i'm trying to force feed myself chicken and rice and vegetables everytime aswell but it honestly makes me wanna gag , should i just power through and continue with it or should i try something else , thanks
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From experience I can tell you that getting used to a healthy diet is a difficult process that will require discipline. Especially if you're used to eating high-carb nonsense for most of your life, like myself. From doing a lot of reading & researching over the past few years I've come to the conclusion that the things you should avoid are:
1. Foods high in refined sugars, e.g. sweets, sugary drinks, pastry etc.
2. Vegetable oils high in Omega-6's, namely soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil etc.
3. Avoiding trans-fats completely.

The things you should focus on, generally speaking:
1. Eating more foods that are high in fibre, so a lot of vegetables, sweet potatoes, fruits etc.
2. Eating foods high in micronutrients (the aforementioned vegetables, along with nuts, fruit, fish, eggs, chicken etc.)
3. Eating fish high in Omega-3's.

Many people would call the above diet a 'Paleo diet', in case you want to do more research and need a buzzword. When you've set up a healthy baseline similar to what I've outlined above (which has worked wonders for me personally), then you should increase your intake of healthy proteins to allow for a higher rate of muscle repair after your workouts (building muscle). Try doing a bit of research on a ballpark-estimate of how much protein you need per day depending on your bodyweight and work from there. If you feel like you're over-eating, try to reduce the amount of calories you eat whilst maintaining the quality of your diet (so eat healthy but just less in quantity).

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