how does Dickens' present christian values in the novella

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hi, im in year 11 in the uk and really stuggling with my english Mocks and my teacher gave us a homework that will help with are exams (GCSES) which are coming up. so i wrote this.

Charles Dickens presents christian values in the Novella multiple of times. Dickens teaches us to love are family no matter what. for Example, The Cratchits are a poor family that live in horrific conditions where Mrs Cratchit and Mr Cratchit (bob) are raising there children in. Even though they have very little they are respectful for what they have and they treasure family because one of the christian values is hopefullness. So the Cratchits love and treasure there family, they make sure that theor family will not be divided because of their life and there living conditions.

He also presents Christian values when Tiny Tim was presented when he gets home from church with his dad "who made lame beggars walk, and blind men see" this is ment to suggest that Tiny Tim is from a Christian family {faithful background}. He basically saying that he wants people to remember God as making everyone different in their own way because Tint Tim is disabled and in the bible Jesus cured all the people who were ill and made them better so Tiny Tim is saying there is people like scrooge (the rich people) but they're not opening their eyes so Tiny Tim is saying even though God/Jesus hasnt answered their prayers and dreams, doesnt mean he isnt there and that he doesnt care. so he uses his health needs/condition as an advantage.
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Dickens creates Cratchit, who values his family and is thankful for everything he has even if it’s not much, in direct opposition to Scrooge who is solitary and only values his money. Scrooge’s misery, though well off, highlights the importance of Christian ideals as Dickens emphasises money cannot create happiness. It’s only in Scrooge’s transition to live in the Christian ideals that he becomes happier, thus indicating how important it is to have these values

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