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So there’s this painting it’s called the Baron de Bensenval in his salon by Henri-Pierre Danloux and I have to analyse it in terms of its tonal values and colour palette and line direction and find out what the use of those things mean so that I can link to my project on interior structure but I don’t know what to say. Would love for someone to give any analysis or advice on it.
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I don't want to do this analysis for you, because then you wont learn how to do it yourself. Instead I will do my best to tell you how to do the analysis so you can work on it yourself. You're even free to PM me your analysis so I can give you some hints and tips to get better.
Tonal values: I will not lie to you this is a new term to me, but it looks to me like this is about how light or dark the overall piece is. Look into the history of the painting a little bit, such as why it was painted or the story behind the Baron. This will most likely point to specific uses of the tone within the piece, and will give you an indication of why the overall piece is so dark.
Colour palette: This one is relatively simple. It would be tempting to look to the history of coloured pigments, but you should also look to what colour is used where in relationship to the composition. Are they all joined together to focus the eye on a specific portion, or are they used haphazardly to a different effect?
Line direction: Again, this is a new term to me (I actually did GCSE and Alevel art! I swear!) This comes back to the guiding of the eye from what I can read. Where do the lines within the painting lay, and where are they encouraging you to look?
I hope this gives you some help? Just break down what each point is looking for and take it from there!

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