Telling my mum that I think I have an eating disorder

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Well, I think I have an eating disorder, orthorexia to be precise. I have been denying it for ages but my friend that I talked to about it has finally convinced me that whether I have an eating disorder or am about to get one my eating behaviour is not normal.
I really want to tell my parents, mainly my mum, because keeping this secret it so hard for me but I'm terrified that they will get really angry or start force feeding me food which would not help.
My fear is also keeping me from going to see any help because I want to be 100% in control of what and when my mum finds out and I'm worried that they will break confidentiality.
I don't know if anyone can help but if you can offer me advice about how to tell them or what to do I'd really appreciate it.
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I think you should tell your mom , when it comes to situations like these I think moms will be a little cautious and handle the situation sensitively. Don’t worry and I hope you see a doctor! Take care 👍

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