Should Railways in the U.K be nationalised? Watch

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(Original post by DSilva)
Just responding to the last bit.

That's a complete get out clause. Privatisation has been an utter failure and you seem to be suggesting the solution is more privatisation.

It's like those who defend the American health care system by saying its 'not proper privatisation' etc.

Virtually all of Europe provides a cheaper and better run service than we do. We pay high taxes and high ticket prices yet get provided an appalling service.

If the service was absolutely brilliant I could accept the prices. But it isn't. Its awful.
I'm not sure the rather limited privatisation of the railways can be described as a failure given that key metrics such as the number of journeys taken has gone up substantially since privatisation, as well as satisfaction, which fares rather well compared to other European countries. I will concede that prices are higher than many would wish, but have previously suggested that that is because the government is shifting more of the costs of the railways onto those who use the railways.

What we have at the moment is far from perfect but it does seem to be largely an improvement on the past.
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