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Gary A. Ward
Report 18 years ago
Have you ever seen those coupon books groups sell as fundraisers?

Typically when you buy one of those books you throw it away at the end of the year after it expires
and 95 percent or more of the coupons are still in the book!

We custom make a coupon book for you that 95 percent or more of the coupons you will actually use
(or try to) because it is where you , the students, parents & teachers already go! It is where you
wash your car, change the oil, rent videos, have pizza delivered or go for dinner. Or where you
golf. bowl skate, etc.

If the group gets excited when you show them the concept, simply have someone at the meeting take
notes and start making a list of local, popular places the group would like to see in the book.

In turn we contact/contract the local businesses. Before we print the books we call you to go over
the outcome to make sure we have the local stores you wanted.

Everything is buy one get one free, so the coupons are always as valuable as the paid item. If you
pay $15.99 for a pizza to be delivered, then the free one normally cost $15.99 at regular
market/menu price.

There is $200 to $300 value in each book and it sells for $15.00 (your first pizza or oil change
more than pays for the book) your group keeps $7.50 to $9.00 per book! That is 50 to 70 percent
profit! We supply also $300 cash for your top three sellers to split as a incentive.

Your coupon book is custom made with the group or school logo or mascot with your choice of wording
and color.

Its a ²no brainer² if this is where you & the other members already go you have to buy at
least one book!

An AWESOME concept that can take care of all your expenses in one "shot"!

simply go to: or call us at toll free at 1(800) 422-4331 Thank you,

Gary A. Ward Educational Activities Corporation Our second decade of "Helping Organizations help
themselves" [email protected]
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