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The most common question I receive about Foundation years is whether they can be accepted to apply to another University. They are not really designed to be a universally accepted qualification, they are geared towards progression at the same University. For this reason it's very much at the discretion of the University being applied for as to whether they will consider it.

If the applicant has aspirations of study elsewhere, then in most cases they would be better retaking A-Levels or another Level 3 qualification, (assuming their target Uni's accepted retakes).
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It's also worth noting that many foundation years are taught at franchised FE colleges and not by the university.
It is very important that applicants ask:
- where they'll be taught
- what proportion of foundation year students pass the year
- what proportion of foundation year students are able to progress onto the degree they want
- what proportion of foundation year students successfully complete the degree they want and how their results compare to students admitted directly into yr 1
- what sort of class sizes are on foundation year (I've known one RG university running their foundation year with a staff student ratio in excess of 50!)
- whether they can live in halls for both the foundation year and the first year of their degree if they choose
- whether progression onto the degree is guaranteed
- whether the foundation course team will help with applying for degree courses elsewhere (and success rates of students who have done this).

Also a foundation YEAR is NOT an Art & Design Foundation Diploma https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=5017684 some universities offer a foundation year for art & design subjects - this is rarely a good alternative to a FAD.

Finally - private providers offering international "foundation" courses are very rarely a good option if an applicant has the opportunity to take A levels (they can be a good option if your country's High School Diploma is only equivalent to AS levels/yr 12 in the UK but even then it's not always ideal). These companies make BIG profits from both the tuition fees paid and from the commission they get from funnelling students into a small handful of universities. There are more independent alternatives but they're more expensive (because they aren't subsidised by commission!).

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