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Does anyone have any tips for revising macbeth and example answers for it.
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Macbeth follows the Shakespeare style of tragic drama. You can compare Macbeth with hamlet or any other tragic Shakespearean work. Also note that critics often point out the diff between a Shakespearean tragedy and a Greek tragedy. Features such as the following would be evident:

-There must be a tragic hero (TH), someone who is of noble birth

- TH’s flaw or error in judgement

- Supernatural éléments such as the three witches in the beginning and the theme of madness by Lord Macbeth often at that ghost scene

- Theme of fate vs free will (fate always wins)

- Almost all his tragic works are eponymous (while some may argue all his works are, I disagree that Julius Caesar is)

- There’s always a subplot that is almost similar to the main scene

- Sometimes, thé argument of lack of poetic justice arises

- Tragic waste: this is evident in King Lear when Cordelia dies with him and Hamlet when Ophelia is, arguably, killed. However it may not be evident in all his tragic works

- One of the most important is the deathbed scene, it is always in his plays and that’s when the tragic hero talks about his wrongs and dies

- Always take note that none of his tragic heroes survives. That’s one of the major diff between a Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy

So, when you’re reading the text, you may look out for these features and check out more


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