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Always been virtually a straight A student, got decent GCSEs and think I pretty much burnt myself out. Year 12 I did the bare minimum but scraped through the mocks with decent grades. Now it’s my final year 13 mocks and I have done literally nothing at all. I have no motivation to do anything and my total lack of work is definitely showing now. How the heck do I get out of this rut?! Currently 2am and I have an exam for which I have done nothing in 7 hours 👍
It's not too late to pick yourself back up and push it through to the end! Just do your best tomorrow and start studying towards future exams.
If you sit back and let yourself slip anymore then in a few months time you'll really be kicking yourself.
Just imagine, on results day you open up the envelope and see that you were only a couple of marks off an A or A*, I'd be so angry at myself for not putting in a bit more work when I was able to. You've been doing this for a year and a half, you're now on the final stretch you can do it!
What A-levels are you taking?

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