After BREXIT, The New UK and US Agreement on (Cloud Act)

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I know most of you are aware of the 4th amendment made in the US constitution.
Now the News regarding 4th amendment and its abrogation is creating confusion amongst the people of not only USA but also UK citizens and now people are just stressed about future of their privacy and their online existence.
Agreement of Cloud Act between UK and USA- a summary
Law enforcement officials in the U.S. and U.K. have discussed a settlement with each other where both the counties would sell out the privacy rights of the public and share it amongst each other.
For the US citizens, it will repeal the Fourth Amendment protections, and allow the U.K. and other countries to search the data of Americans by foreign law enforcement agencies.
Most of the ngos like eff and different brands have escalated this issue.
Also many have listed this agreement as the death to our privacy and Online existence.
WHAT you guys suggest in this regard?
Also what we should do to stop this on first hand as our online existence is just like the piece of cake for the hackers (surveillance agencies).

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