Can I change the name on my GCSE certificates?

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Hi, so this most recent summer, I got my name changed. It’s not a drastic change, I simply removed one of my middle names and part of my double barrel surname. However, by the time I changed my name, I had already sat my exams, and when I got the certificates, it had my double barrel last name. Can I get these changed so it has my correct name, and if not, will it affect my university application? Could I just tell them I had a name change and provide proof of that (eg deed poll certificate)

BTW I’m in year 12 now so I should be able to have my new name in my A Level exams.
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To change your name on the certificates you'll need to contact each individual exam board with your request, your old name, your current name, and a copy of your deed poll.
I know you said it was only to change around some details, but in my experience as a trans person it was a case of getting in touch with everyone individually and it was quite a long process, if only because of the waiting.
In terms of your qualifications once you notify the exam boards of a name change they should instantly apply it to the qualifications too, just keep a few extra copies of your deed poll on hand (I have 20) since from now on whenever your old name comes up you'll need the original deed poll to show the legal chronological change, and sometimes people don't post them back.
Hope this helps!

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