Do you think politician is too over-studied, and don't understand the people's demand Watch

Ruben jann
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Report Thread starter 2 weeks ago
In my country the people have a great challenge , that most of our politician do not understand the people they were ment to serve, mainly because politician now a day have been to university for a long time, rather than with the people who make the money to the country. It's a big problem in most countries, guess it's the main reason Trumph were elected as president of US , and properly will be re-elected.
young Mind
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Report 2 weeks ago
As per my understanding politician now a days are worst than the illiterate people, I believe politicians have only studied the books but didn't understood the basic meaning behind it or they may have forgot the basic demand of the public
Most of the politicians in my country are giving hateful speech to polarize the election poll in-reality they do even not care for the citizens of the country no talk over employment, education and basic need for each individual but they open there mouth only to spread religious hatred.

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