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The Big 'Which Cambridge College?' Thread

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As a prospective Cambridge applicant, this is rather important to me as I find that a good living and working space can make studying and reading or whatever, a lot more desirable. Could someone in the know suggest a shortlist of colleges that are good, particularly for 1st years?

Trinity college but it's the hardest to get into
Depends exactly what you want. Trinity and John's have large rooms. Homerton has (I think) the most ensuites, but they're all quite small (cosy), and located outside the city centre. Have a look around the TSR wiki and college websites to see which have what you want.
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Robinson has great accommodation. They're all good-sized rooms, about half are en-suite and with the other half you share a bathroom with just one other person. They're also all on site, unlike a lot of colleges where the accommodation (particularly for first years) might be quite a distance away from college. Since the college is quite new there's little variance between the rooms -- they're all good (there's no "good rooms" and "bad rooms" as such).
I believe Downing is quite good. They're almost hotel-style.
Lol College working space is the least of your concerns when applying to Cambridge. Trust me, by the end of the application process you will be desperate to get into anywhere in Cambridge University, even the dog shed.

yes, but given that i'm applying, i might as well pick somewhere that i'd like to apply to. then if i were good enough for anywhere at all in cambridge but not that place, i'd get pooled. so there's no massive harm in applying to trinity or something.
Clare has amazing 1st year accomodation - they're huge (huge!) and next to the University Library.
depends what you want.

at jesus maybe half the first years are in pretty big rooms with ensuites. library court is hotel room standard and only a dozen or so years old. north court is a bit older but the rooms are still really nice there.

then we have decent accomodation for the next couple of years as we own 60+ houses surrounding the college if you want to live in a house and have some really nice sets around the college if you want to go for that option
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Which are the colleges with the cheapest rooms?

And which are the most expensive?
Thanks for all your answers!
From what I know, Emma have quite cheap rooms

the most expensive we were told is just over £100 PW, with the cheapest being about £70 PW
Hey guys I'm torn between Trinity, Hughes Hall and Wolfson. Being a mature student I've been advised not to apply to Trinity unless I have a flawless academic record. I'm leaning towards Wolfson to be fair.

Would my chances of getting an interview be the same at all colleges?
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From what I know, Emma have quite cheap rooms

the most expensive we were told is just over £100 PW, with the cheapest being about £70 PW

Make that £65. Livin' it up in a Grade 1 next year, baby. Oh hi tiny college bill!
compare and contrast these 2 colleges pleaaase
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One starts with 'E', the other starts with 'P'.
Girton=get fit quick
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Emmanuel obviously...I won't subscribe to the cliche of mentioning ducks, but I've *inadvertently* advertised such an integral aspect of the college:p:
I liked Emmanuel when I spent a couple of days on a summer school thingy there, hence why I chose it. Decent rooms, central location, nice grounds, and friendly staff. Too bad I missed my offer. :frown:
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Hopefully I will get good enough grades to be able to apply to Cambridge come October however I am having trouble weighing up all the information and deciding which college to apply to. While at the Cambridge open day I overheard a student walking past saying "this college is good but if I had to choose again I would go with..." he then was out of earshot and I missed which one he said unfortunately. This is A shame as although there is a very useful wiki on each college stating pros and cons it doesn't have different opinions on how important each pro or con is in the grand scheme of things.

If as many of you as possible can post which college you would choose now that you have experience of what the university is like then it will help me and many others make a decision. Please also include what college you attend now, what subject you do and why you would have chosen differently if given the chance again.

If you are lucky enough to able to genuinely say that you would make the same choice then what is so good about the one you attend and what would be your second choice? (please don't say things such as: "If I hadn't gone there I would never have met Emily who is now my best friend".)
- Great food (though a bit expensive compared to other Colleges)
- Some of the loveliest gardens and grounds in Cambridge (in my opinion)
- nice central location
- one of the best dramatic societies in Cambridge
- tends to have kind of an artsy, literary crowd (though this might just be a stereotype)

- the ducks!
- has a swimming pool
- very academic College (frequently in the top three of the Tompkins' Table)
- nice central location
- has a laundry service (the only College in Cambridge, I believe)
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Hasn't Pembroke got a recent history of making some higher than A*AA offers? If this is the case then apply to Emmanuel; if not, then i'd probably prefer Pembroke, not sure why, i just preferred it when i went.

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