Scotland - Under 12s banned from heading a football due to links to dementia Watch

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Hello TSR!

Scotland has introduced a ban for those under 12 years old from heading footballs as a result of studies outlining that headers might be a link to those developing dementia.

Our Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) student Jake Ashton recently featured on several radio shows, where he spoke about this story along with his own investigation into the issue.

Click on these links and at the noted timestamps to listen to what he has to say and please share your thoughts below!

Talk Sport (3m 14s)

BBC (1h 9m 45s)

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Some people will see the move as pearl clutching, but to me it makes sense.
No offence to kids, they're not the brightest bunch. When I was 12 me and my friends would try and see who could hit each other in the shins with hockey sticks the hardest, and if you wore the shin protector you were instantly disqualified.
12 year olds are still going to header during personal games at home, this is just about stopping it at school. Like when they used to have regular hockey stick counts after one of my friends broke their leg. We still did it, we just did it during the game instead of passing the time.

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