A Level Latin or A Level Classical Greek?

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I can choose either, but I will be self-teaching until I take the exam in the next 2 and a half years.

I have a little familiarity with both languages, though I will be honest and say that my passion lies with Classical Greek. I find Latin too political at times (don't bother with the 'oh, but have you forgotten about Athens?'--I have not), not to mention militant. I have always found the Greeks to be more spiritual and lively, more passionate themselves.

But Classical Greek is insanely difficult. It really is. Especially since I am an English native.

I have over two years to learn either, but it will be at A Level that I will be taking the exam. Is this sufficient time to learn? Am I shooting myself in the foot? How difficult will the exam be?

I know most would advise to go with Latin first since it is easiest, but I don't want to pick something just because it's easy. I want to read Greek more than Latin, but I would still appreciate some advice in that area.

Thanks all!
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It's true that it is easier to do Greek with Latin alongside, but it isn't impossible without. I know at least 2 people who are doing Greek without Latin. If you have the determination to do it, you definitely can. However if you choose to do latin, there are ways you can keep up to speed on Greek, such as summer schools like JACT Greek Summer School and the KCL Classics summer school, where you get put into small groups based in ability and you are taught by a professional. These summer schools also have courses for Latin, so it works either way!

Best of luck, whatever you decide x

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