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So I have a long history of mental health issues. I won't go into detail but I have had a lot of hospital trips and admissions. Currently in year 13 and I've just got out of a psychiatric unit . My mum doesn't trust me to go back into college as she thinks I'm going to do something again when she's not around. She's quit her job to look after me and I'm really worried about exams and stuff. I've missed 2 months of school and I dont know what to do. I really want to complete a levels but it's all getting too much. I feel worse than I did when I got into hospital. I'm tired of hitting rock bottom again and again. Im thinking of staying at home and studying but is that possible? I have only 5 months left till exams and my head is blank. I can't remember anything. My mental illnesses have taken over. I feel so lost. Can someone suggest things that might help. It also feels like my college have given up on me too. The teachers were never supportive and I never had anyone to speak to about these things. I honestly want to give up but want to try so bad at this. I sound like a mess. Im sorry.
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Yes if you revise by yourself it’s totally possible. Have a look on revision world and quizlet in terms of revision sources.
Make sure you print of all of your specs and understand what to do for each of your exams to get good marks.
I would recommend looking at unjaded jade on YouTube for help with revision and how to revise/make notes as she is really helpful.
Have a go at some past papers
Remember not to let anyone’s else opinions tell you what you can or cannot do.
If you have the motivation to do this then you can do this.

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