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Okay, so since about the age of 12/13 I have known/started to realise that my inner and outer labia is not ‘normal’. I am so sick of having to hide when I’m wearing a bikini as you can clearly see a bulge, or when I’m wearing gym leggings or not being able to stand up naked infront of my boyfriend. I am tired of looking down everyday and feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of needles etc and I have always done anything possible to avoid any jabs/needles etc but I honestly cannot live like this anymore, I know I can’t. My boyfriend knows, he’s supportive of whatever I want to do but no one else knows not even my family. I am so scared to tell my family I can’t even imagine telling my dad I want this surgery as I’m just so so embarrassed about it. I feel like I’m so alone in this and even saying the words out loud makes me feel sick. (I’m a massive over thinker) PLEASE share experiences of the surgery with me if anyone has had it (and the surgeon/clinic name) and anyone else is feeling the same way as me as I’d love some advice.
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Oh dear, how sad and upset you must be.

Please don’t think your labia isn’t normal. I’m not sure what you’re comparing yours too or whose else you’ve seen but I’ve seen loads and can assure you that ‘normal’ can take on loads of different forms; you only have to watch something like Naked Attraction to realise female (and male) genitals come in loads of different shapes and sizes. Having a bit of a bulge absolutely isn’t abnormal. My midwife friend has told me that no two vaginas are alike.

You don’t say how old you are or if you’ve been to see a doctor but you definitely shouldn’t even consider surgery until you’ve had some professional input. You say you have a boyfriend who you presumably trust and he clearly loves you just the way you are. Please go and see a doctor who can hopefully put your mind at rest but, if there is a medical problem, will be able to advise you the best way forward.
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Oh sweetheart, there is no such thing as 'normal' labia! Every woman is completely different. Please do go to the doctors if you think you have any abnormal changes to your vulva, but don't think you're not 'normal' just because yours doesn't look like the others that you have seen. Here's what 'normal' is:

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