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If you've taken any of these subjects at a level, what do you think of them and would you recommend taking them:
english lit
film studies
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hi, I'm assuming you're a year 11/10 student? I'm in year 13 and am taking History as one of my a levels. I know its different for every college but here is what we study and how much of your grade it is worth in the final year:
Year one we did:
Cold war in Europe (again you'd have to look at the spec for the college you're applying to, but I think cold war in Asia is also popular)
British History 1930-1997
Second Year:
Germany 1789-1919 (130years)
Russia coursework
Overall the amount for each subject is:
British History 1930-1997=25%
Cold War in Europe=15%
Russia coursework 1917-1964=20%
Germany 1789-1919=40%
You need to get a minimum of a D in your AS levels to get to A2, but grades from AS do not impact your overall grade (i.e if you only just scrape a D you can still get an A in your A Levels). History it's a relatively difficult subject as there are no theorists to remember like other A-Levels, and it's also a subject that I believe you really have to enjoy to do well in. I would recommend it if you did well in highschool, but you also don't have to have any prior knowledge of the subject to do well in it. It is a lot of studying especially in your second year, but the coursework (4000 word essay) seems much harder than it actually is. You have to study a lot because you repeat the first year subjects in your second year, and have a long exam on whatever subjects spans 130 years (I think Russia is also popular for 130 years), but if you are willing to put the work in and enjoy History then I would recommend it (and if you really hate it you can drop it after first year).
Hope this helped!

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