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how do you measure your waist and leg length when you want to buy mens clothing? I looked up a bunch of sites here on the internet but i don't really understand them. Is there any rules i have to follow too? eg leeway for extra room? - I'm ftm trans, and if it was womens size i'd be an eight but i have longer legs

thanks if you can help 😛
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For waist measure where you want the trousers to sit, not your actual waistline, I don't know any man who wears trousers at his natural waistline.
For length measure from where you want the waist to sit down to ankle (outer leg)
These are usually all you need.

You'll find sizes such as 30 x 34 which is Waist x length in inches as defined above.
Another measure is R for regular or L for long (length). These vary, but I have found L to be 34" long on my trousers which fit me.

you can also use measurements such as inside leg which is the inner leg up to where the crotch would sit.

If you're buying from an American or European store, some of these tend to come in sizes (i.e. just a single number) and you'd have to find a size guide and get them tapered to fit if there is too much fabric.

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