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When i was a child i was diagnosed With Leukemia but i have never told anyone in primary or secondary school incase they made fun of me (?) But then in secondary school in year 10 (im currently in it right now) we were learning about Cancer and leukemia in science . This reminded me of something so i asked my mom and she showed me my illness that i had (after explaining what it is) and told me the side effects . So i go back to school and i decide to tell my closest "friends" about my illness and i tell them clearly not to tell anyone . They started laughing and lo and behold they told everyone a couple of minutes later . I then tell them its a joke and i was "testing them" this made me feel disrespected . i genuinely dont reconcile with anyone in the school and feel like a odd one out . Should i keep these "Friends" or just be a lone wolf until college?
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I had a similar experience year 11 at secondary school. I wasn’t hiding an illness but I had to hide the fact I was sexually assaulted. When they found out everyone made fun of me and no one believed me. I stayed lone wolf till college. I started fresh at a college no one knew me. Honestly best decision ever. At college you’ll make friends so don’t worry about the ones from secondary school

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