Best way to LEARN a PIANO AND GUITAR? Watch

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Looking for advice on the best ways to learn/practise the PIANO/GUITAR . Please share your experiences, lessons, feedback and advice.

I currently play the piano and guitar (self-taught so don't know the grade). The way that I practise is learning a new song that I like via YouTube (for piano) or GuitarTab (for guitar). I have been playing for about 1 year on each.

I would like to reach the point with each instrument where I can play it without thinking too hard about technique and quickly learn a song after reading/hearing it.

My current abilities are as follows:

- Can memorise and play pieces from composers such as Ludovico, Hans Zimmer, Max Richter and I learned to play the nice arpeggiated part of Clair De Lune Debussy.
- Can create my own basic compositions with simple melodies and arpeggios etc.
- Can (very slowly) improvise playing a piece that sounds somewhat nice. But have to look at each key that I'm playing.
- Chord shapes and positioning does not come naturally to me. I have very little special awareness of the keys.
- Have no idea whether I play with the correct hand technique and fingering.

- Cannot read sheet music.
- Cannot play by ear (My pitch is terrible I can't correctly identify any note).
- Have not memorised major/minor scales, I need to use the scale formula to figure out which keys are in the scales.
- Very basic understanding of music theory. (Can derive scales and understand how to get different voicings and chord types but that about it).

- Mainly stick to strumming.
- Can play basic chords in and around the first few frets.
- Can only really do bar chords in the 133211 shape.
- Can identify where each note is on the fretboard but takes me time to build chords.
- Can learn simple and repetitive picking patterns from GuitarTab, but nothing too advanced. (Working at the level of Hozier - Cherry Wine etc.)
- Again cannot decipher any note by ear or learn any song by ear.

- I have to derive the scales on the spot, I imagine the keys on a piano for the half and whole steps. I do not know any techniques to quickly play arpeggios and scales.
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I can't really help you when it comes to piano, but for guitar you could look at video tutorials to learn scales properly etc. It's boring and will take a while, but it'll pay off. Make sure you're sticking to proper strumming patterns when you're playing, the whole down-up-down-up thing

Playing by ear is a skill you can train. The first step is to recognise different types of chords, you'll probably be able to do major/minor, but have a look at aug, dim, sus2, sus4, 7ths etc etc. Try this website for instance: , it's basically a fun game and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like

Good luck and any questions just let me know

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