Should I tell boyfriend about sex toys...? Watch

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So basically we've been together a few years, I've used toys (mainly a vibrator) alone since before we were together and have continued to do so as we're currently in a LDR... He's never fully asked if I have them, and I've just never mentioned it but I now feel sort of like I'm hiding them from him. I don't want him to feel like they're replacing him and wouldn't necessary want to incorporate them into sex together, but I also feel like I should tell him because I want to be open. One of the main reasons I've never said anything is because I'm embarrassed (I know this it's 100% normal and that I should in no way be ashamed about using them, but I still feel like he would secretly judge me) and because it's now been years I feel like it's become a bigger thing in my head than it really is...

Does anyone have any experience/advice for this?

Thanks in advance
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Loads of people have toys so it's nothing to be embarrassed about you're right. I can't see why he woukd judge you for it. You don't have to tell him at all, it's not his business. U less you plan on using them together. If not then just keep it to yourself it's not big deal.

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