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Christ Church Impossible to get into !?!

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If you want to apply to ChCh then do it. Just apply wherever, either they'll let you in or you won't
Vapid slut, I note you applied to Ch Ch as your 1st choice for grad, as did I, but was also unsuccessful. Coming from Cambridge's premier college I am suprised you weren't taken- did you apply late in the year? I've heard that when you apply is as much a determinate as anything else, and I applied late when both Ch Ch and my 2nd choice were full. Did you get in at your 2nd choice, or were you allocated elsewhere by the central admissions dept?
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I don't think the timing of your application has much to do with it: I applied before Christmas in my cycle and did not get into either of the colleges I wrote on the application form, so I doubt that it's first-come, first-serve.
Am I right in thinking you're at LMH? You're very lucky to have got into such a nice college having been rejected by your two preferences. Did you ask or make any special request, or did they just put you there?
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Don't get me wrong, I adore LMH :smile: Whoever put me there (there were no special requests involved) got it scarily right and I'm not sure I would have been so happy at Magdalen.