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It is likely that I will be studying a one year access to HE course in Science & Allied Health professions in September. The college is literally down the road.

I have decided in my mid twenties that I would like to pursue a science related career - something practical. I am also considering working towards becoming a science teacher at some point in the future.

Please could I have some suggestions for practical, interesting degrees, leaning more towards biology and chemistry. Something that would allow me the possibility of potentially doing a PGCE afterwards.

Here is a full breakdown of the modules & credits of the access course:

Human Biology L3 - 15 Credits
(Cells, biochemistry, nutrition, digestion, genetics, evolution)

Chemistry L3 - 15 Credits
(Chemistry fundamentals and principals, organic chemistry, biochemical molecules, energetics, kinetics)

Maths for Scientists L3 - 6 Credits
(Primarily in support of chemistry units)

Open Research in Biology OR Chemistry L3 - 6 Credits
(I can choose a topic of my choice related to biology or chemistry to research)

English for HE L3 - 6 Credits
Self explanatory

Level 2 Credits
The remaining credits are at level 2 and involve application of number, research planning and study skills.

I was a bit disappointed that there are only 6 credits at level 3 for mathematics related subjects, as I know a lot of universities prefer a heavy weighting on mathematics for science related subjects.

I will attend the college twice per week for 15 hours, the rest is self study using provided materials. There is a mixture of coursework and exams.

I have already spent some time researching degrees but need some more guidance. Some things I've looked into are biochemistry and natural sciences - if anybody has experience doing these degrees I would also like your opinions
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