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Hi, I am returning to my second year of university & I feel pregnant during my first year & think I will be entitled to a different loan amazing when I return I’m living with my boyfriend who is an apprentice ( earns buttons ) and are renting our own home with a 6 month old was wondering if anyone knows an idea of what I might get, many thanks!!!
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If you have a look on Student Finance for your country they break it down pretty simply to what is available. If your income is really low you'll get the full amounts, plus you may be entitled to some Universal Credit help too.

I'm in Wales, but I get (all non-repayable)
- Parental Learning Allowance of around £1500.
- Child Care Grants which covers 85% of childcare costs year round, my uni's wellbeing service then pays the remaining 15%, so my childcare is free, and this includes 2 days a week during holidays and the summer. However, you can't claim tax credits or any UC child bits for this to be valid. Also has to be a non-family member registered childcare, so a proper nursery etc, somewhere that offers the 30 free hours over 3 is usually a safe bet.
- Adult Dependent grant which I think is over £2000 as my husband doesn't earn much.
- On top of this I get the usually tuition and maintenance loans (£8250).

Give them a call, they can't guarantee what you get but can give you an idea and any help you need applying. It's great to get more money, but when it's your income and you have to raise a child, pay bills and rent etc it goes far too quickly.

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