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I have fear of the dark and I've always been afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of being alone but I cannot sleep with the lights off , but I think my fear goes a little deeper than just being afraid of the dark, I think I am actually scared of not seeing because when I play video games I sometimes get paranoid that there's something behind me I can't see cause my computer I against the wall so the whole room so behind me and I usually get off the computer when I get scared like that . I read and listen to a lot of horror stories but I love them so much because they bring interesting things to my boring life, like hearing all these amazing fantasy stories of unknown creatures and things like that , and so it's become something of an addiction because I cannot not listen to them for a long time.
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I was also afraid of the dark from a young age and I think the reason for it was that my family is very religious and so the dark was just associated with evil. But after learning about light in physics I realised that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just think of it like this darkness is just the absence of light. The only thing different about your room in the dark is that there are no tiny little particles of light flying around making everything bright. Your room is exactly the same. And as for the paranoia all I can say is that you will grow out of it if that makes sense. Once you get older your mind understanding of the world will lead you to realise that it’s just you making these realities up in your head and these things don’t exist. Try reading about light and how photons work and why things are dark it might help.
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I’m also afraid of the dark but only if I’m alone... I also watch and listen to horror things but I really can’t fall asleep at night without someone with me or the light on.... /: I understand your problem I’m 21 I find it quite embarrassing that I get so anxious to go to bed

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