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Durham university and homosexuality!

Yes, everyone in Durham has exactly the same views on homosexuality... :confused:

I'm not sure what you're asking. At Durham, like at any other university, there will be people who'll accept you and people who won't. This isn't based on the university, it's based on the people who go to it. As for lecturers' / tutors' views and so on - well, I'm not sure it matters, because it's not going to be something you talk about much with them (I imagine), and they can't (and in practice don't) discriminate against you in any way for it. Similarly in the church; perhaps someone at Durham can give you more information, but I would bet that views on homosexuality vary from church to church and from person to person.

Now, unless I've missed something absolutely fundamental to how Durham works, I don't think anyone will be able to give you much of a better answer.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Theology at St. John's... I reckon you'd be the first gay guy they've had doing that combo ever... Go for it! Can't say about St. John's/Church but the uni and students in general would have absolutely not problem with you being gay although there isn't as bigger variety of people at Durham as at other places so doubt there's a huge gay scene. But a little birdie did tell me the Gay & Lesbian meets were pretty packed.

Don't let the littleness of Durham put you off applying. Good luck :smile:
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P.S. Unless you put it in your application there is no way the department/college would know anyway so you won't be discriminated against.
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Durham is perhaps the least diverse Uni in the country brah

I am Dan and I'm gay!
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I am Dan and I'm gay!

P.S. I like Theology.

There. That might work.
I reckon you'd be the first gay guy they've had doing that combo ever...

I doubt that very, very much!

OP, hello! I'm currently studying Theology at Durham, and though I didn't get into John's I have a lot of friends there.

The department, frankly, don't give two hoots about your personal life unless it's having a negative impact on your studies (in which case they are, in my experience, extremely helpful and supportive). If a lecturer were to treat you poorly because of your sexuality that would be grounds for a serious complaint, but I personally can't imagine such a situation arising- many of them are quite mad, but the lecturers I've had are generally very cool. There's actually one member of staff whose specialism is in Queer Theology- Professor Loughlin.

You are possibly more likely to get people who are ********* about sexuality because of their religion in Johns than elsewhere because a) it has a really high proportion of Christians and b) they tend to be evangelicals, but it's hardly a given- I have a lot of friends in Johns and none of them are homophobic. Again, if you were to experience bullying because of your sexuality, that's grounds for a complaint to the college staff, who would be able to take disciplinary measures.

As for churches in Durham... that kind of depends on what particular tradition you're coming from. If you're of a charismatic/evangelical bent, I would avoid Christchurch and Emmanuel (that goes fairly generally actually, they're both pretty scarily conservative). Both Kings and St Nick's are nice places, in my experience, though I've no idea what it might be like as an openly gay member of the congregation.

I can't speak at all for either of the Methodist churches or the URC, though I know many members of MethSoc who are very groovy and non-judgemental. Same thing kind of goes for the RC churches and CathSoc, though Father Tony is a bit of a dude (a friend of mine was lodging at the Presbytery last year, so I met him quite a few times). If you're a bit higher up the Anglican candle then I know both St Oswalds and the Cathedral (my church!) are very friendly and welcoming places, and the Cathedral particularly is something of a theological melting pot, thanks to the broad membership of Chapter and its status as the central church of the diocese.

The college chapels vary somewhat in tradition, though I think they generally tend towards the higher end of Anglicanism. The chaplains are seriously awesome.

Hope some of that was helpful, at least!
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I'm at John's and do theology and you wouldn't be the first at either! I can't speak for everyone but no one in John's that I know has ever shown any issue with homosexuality.
In the university, I have many gay friends who have had no problem so I really shouldn't worry about it!
Hope that helps a little!
Durham is perhaps the least diverse Uni in the country brah

Surprised that stupid politician who criticised Newcastle for being "notoriously white" hasn't done the same for Durham. Still, I suppose if we had very few internationals, we could sway the jokes on the other side of the coin.