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Ive just been kind of upset because of my previous driving instructors. Ok so I started learning to drive im summer 2018 and had this old guy, so had my first lesson and was did good. After a few lessons I started to struggle and the instructor would sometimes shout, he said at the end of each lesson im doing well to keep me happy, I was happy but at the back of my mind I knew I was struggling really. Anyway I was doing lessons till december 2018 then before christmas my instructor spoke to my parents about how I was struggling, he came inside my house to speak to them before my lesson. So then I had a lesson that day near my house and was struggling so he took me back home and asked me if he could let my parents into the car to show them so I just said ok so we did that, I struggled again in front of my parents* which was embarassing. Anyway so then we went home coz it was the end of my lesson and my instructor said its going to take a very very long time for me to learn to drive, he said I could try automatic and it will half the time. We also discussed when I could do another lesson for january. So I started lessons in january again and struggled more. On top of all this my this instructor would shout at me agressively.

I changed instructor in maybe about the end of january last year because me and my parents decided to. I had this guy who seemed quite friendly when first meeting him, he shook hands with me so he drove me to this place where I could learn then we swapped seats. Soon I started struggling again and he had to change gears for me so he was getting funny about it. So anyway I was having continueos lessons with this new instructor struggling still. This time april I had a extremely bad lesson so we were at this junction when you werent meant to stop but I did stop and there was this alfa romeo hatchback behind me but I was struggling with my clutch control so I was rolling back and nearly hit it, I was panicking and my instructor was getting mad also the guy behind me in the alfa was getting mad horning coz its fair enough I nearly rolled into him. Anyway the guy in the alfa just speeded past me and was shouting me as he went past. The same lesson we were on this mini* round about and I took the wrong exit coz I didnt know which one to take then my instructor swore at me and he basically* said that he doesnt think its going to work as in this learning to drive isnt going to work. The bad lesson and him saying its not going to work really did upset me badly for a good few days. After a few days I just thought I can always go to automatic so that made me feel better but the week after I had another bad lesson and I told my instructor I was thinking about automatic then he said ok, its upto me, it might work better for me etc. He mentioned it to my parents on text but I think they said they rather me do manual so they spoke to my instructor and they agreed I can do more than once a week lessons so a few lessons in a row. I did the row of lessons a few weeks after which did help me improve a bit but I had things inbetween so I couldnt do a block of lessons all the time. So I had a lesson after the block of lessons but had a gap inbetween but I was back to sqaure one struggling again then after the lesson he spoke to my parents and explained im struggling* so he said he said automatic might help or I can do block lessons with my him but hes talking about everyday so me and my parents thought ill do automatic so I started with this new guy and I am now and Im doing much better with it. Ive passed my theory a few weeks ago as* well and I have my practical booked so my instructor is going to get me prepared.

Its just having bad lessons all the time really did make depressed because Ive always been into cars for all of my life and I was struggling terribly. Having bad lessons was ruining my self esteem because the thing ive been pationate about my whole life I was struggling with and it wasnt just struggling slightly it was badly.* I was down, tired, anxious, stressed etc. The time* when I had that lesson when I nearly hit the Alfa and my instructor said about it not going to work, that really ****** me up for days, I was depressed, I lost my apetitite, I remember my famliy brought mcdonalds and I had one bite but couldnt eat it because my appetite was ****** so* we had to bin it. I was down for days, I think it was like 4 days, the bad lesson was on saturday and I was feeling down since then. I was feeling down on general because of the bad lessons all the time. I started feeling better when I changed to automatic but still got down often a bit but I dont know why. I used to stress out about my theory test as well upto previously when I passed it, I got it 3rd time, the first 2 times I failed it upset me as well but not that much, i just put a lot of hours then passed, the fails were both last year and I passed this year. Anyway I think the bad lessons really did **** up my 2019 because I was feeling down from about january to august, I think in about august I started to realise Im doing well,* did always stress out about my theory though, I stressing about that a lot till I passed it.

Im not feeling down anymore but sometimes I just think Ive ruined my reputation with 2 instructors and Ive embarassed myself. Im just thinking its a bad memory to look back on that I struggled with a manual car and it might be something I look back on.*

Sorry my post is very long.
Can anyone reply with any advice with things?
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In all honesty, most driving instructors will have hundreds of students every year, some of which will have been really bad, some who pass within a few months and some who never pass. I wouldn't worry or dwell on how embarrassing it was, in a few months or years you will look back on it and cringe but it won't be a massive deal. It may be worth taking a couple of months off and if your parents are okay with it having a few test drives with them or someone you trust. It sounds like your putting so much pressure on driving that it just doesn't work out! You will get there, good luck!

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