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Recently my whole year group is having problems with one of the teachers (unfortunately the lead internal verifier for my course). The first year of college was fine, but Y2 is being the most difficult year of my academic life.

This teacher is self-centred, tries to be intimidating and in his own words he 'is cleverer than anyone else in the school' which leads to many problems internally. He has stated to the whole class that he is 'the teacher with the most concern points', something he seems to be very proud of. Occasionally, he will begin the lesson by calling us all idiots, shaming a student in front of the class or mocking a student or staff member.

Overall, we have 4 assignments this year that are graded by him, 2 of which he decided to combine asking us for over 20,000 words if we wanted a distinction or 10,000 words for a pass. This assignment brought many problems to all the students in my course as his brief was unclear and his help useless. If you approach him in class he will treat you like an illiterate person and his emails are very short and not helpful at all. This assignment had a very, very low pass rate which is a clear reason that there is a problem with the way he teaches and communicates with us. He decided to give us another week to add more to the assignment and again, many people failed or got rejected. All the other students that passed were not allowed to resubmit in order to achieve a higher grade. I have reason to believe that my assignment should have been marked differently and I don't want him to grade my assignments nor anyone else's work anymore. I believe there is a way to send my assignment to get graded by someone else but my college refuses to take appropriate measures. What can I do?

P.S. Assignments from other teachers have a high pass rate (I, for example, I have achieved a merit or higher for all my other assignments)
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