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I found a dress I adore in Miss Selfridge but eek. My waist is an inch bigger than size 8 (no biggie I can lose a couple lbs) but my low hips fit it perfectly, however, my bust is a size 10. I know it's not easy to lose weight in tat area but I don't have the effort or anything to take clothing to a tailor. So, does one get a size 8 or 10- what are your experiences with getting a dress size where your bust was 2 inches bigger than the measurements for the item? I feel like I'm over thinking this but I don't want to waist 50 quid (very popular dress limited stock sizes selling out a minute after being restored so I wouldnt be able to exchange it really if it didn't fit) so I decided to ask. Whilst I'm at it, is anyone similar measurements of waist= 26 inches and low hip= 34.8 and can recommend some jeans? I have quite large thighs like size 12/14 and I can never seem to find a pair which fit both thighs and waist.

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This is indeed the problem with standardised sizing, it is very rare for an actual human being to be the "Average" shape. On the whole, it is far easier to make something smaller than it is to make it bigger. In this case, I would absolutely go for the size 10 as it will fit your bust and your waist well. The actual number on the tag doesn't mean anything as long as it fits nicely and is comfortable.

I do feel your pain with jeans as I like to wear high waisted and getting them to fit both hips and waist is a nightmare 😫

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