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What is a bursary?

A bursary is usually given to students based on personal circumstances, for example, if their household income is low. Bursaries aim to financially support students with lower family incomes to enable them to live their university life without monetary struggle. This does not have to be repaid.

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is usually a financial reward given to students with outstanding educational achievement. They are often competitive and must be applied for, however, not all scholarships have this criteria. This also doesn't need to be repaid.

Who is entitled?

Well, anyone who fits the criteria! Most bursaries and scholarships will come with a description of what they are offering and who can apply for them. You need to be already studying or have intent to study.

How do you get a bursary or scholarship?

The best place to start is google. Search for what you are looking for close to your area, for example “bursaries available for students in Liverpool”. Speak to your institutions, the careers department may have good ideas on community funds available in your locality; even better, try your local council. Explore the student finance portal for additional funding that may be available to you.

The easiest search is looking at what bursaries and scholarships your university of choice is offering - complete a rigorous search of their website and review what you are eligible for.

Where can you get a bursary or scholarship from?

Save the Student list their top searches for bursaries and scholarships:

The Scholarship Hub - They list all available scholarships including university scholarships, companies, charities and trusts.

Turn 2 Us - Bursaries available through charity

British Council Guide to Scholarships - Scholarships aimed at international students

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme - Scholarships for sportsmen and sportswomen.

Crowd Scholar - Scholarships for students from low income backgrounds.

Liverpool Hope University - We offer the Access to Hope Scholarship, offering 10 students scholarships worth £3000. Performance scholarships worth £3000 and music scholarships fully funded worth more than £40,000.

Top Tips for applying for a university bursary or scholarship (The Complete University Guide, 2020)

Do not base your university choices on how much additional money they may give you.

Be realistic about your chances - do you meet the criteria for a bursary or scholarship?

Find out whether you need to apply and check all deadlines.

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