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So I found this hard lump at the very top of my vaginal canal that quite hard with a sort of dimple in it at one side, when I first searched on Google all vaginal lumps pointed to be either cancer or a polyp, but after doing some further digging I found out that it could just be my cervix. I'm really concerned because I thought you weren't meant to feel your cervix. I'd like to point out I'm 17 taking the contraceptive pill. I'm taking my pill over my period for the first time so I'm on the week when my period should be happening. The lump is definitely at the very top of my vaginal canal with only a bit of room each side of it. Usually its about a finger deep however I masturbated recently and afterwards it seemed to have gone higher and flat almost as if it didnt exist in the first place. I'm really confused and I dont think its cancer. At one point it did hurt to press hard on it however now it kinda feels nice and doesnt hurt? I am sexually active with my boyfriend and we did it a couple days ago so that could potentially be why it hurt then. I dont know whether I should be concerned or not, Is this lump my cervix or is it something serious?
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Regardless of what anyone can tell you on the internet, if you are worried, you should see a doctor. Unless you've sampled enough vaginas to know what a "normal" one feels like, no amount of googling will put your mind at ease.

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