Day 2 Quiz - iPhone 11 Exposed (CPU, RAM, Storage, OS)

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1. Which part of a computer understands and executes instructions?
𝗖. Hardware
𝗗. Operating System (OS)

𝟮. Why does a computer need RAM (Random Access Memory)?
𝗔. so it can store apps and data permanently
𝗕. to free up space in storage
𝗖. to enable it to understand app instructions
𝗗. so the CPU can access app instructions and data quickly

𝟯. What’s another name for RAM?
𝗔. Memory
𝗕. Instructions
𝗖. Processor
𝗗. Storage

𝟰. If a computer didn’t have this component, you’d lose your apps and data whenever you turn it off?
𝗖. Storage

5. iOS 13 is an example of?
𝗕. App
𝗖. Smartphone
𝗗. Operating System (OS)

6. Why does a computer need an OS?
𝗔. to enable it to process instructions
𝗕. to help it store data and instructions
𝗖. OS is the set of instructions that run the computer
𝗗. to enable the CPU to run fast



1. It’s b! The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the 🧠 of the computer

It interprets app instructions and coordinates the activities of other components inside a computer to carry out the instructions

2. It's d. So that the CPU can access app instructions and data quickly

3. It’s a! Random Access Memory is generally called RAM or just Memory

4. It’s c! A computer needs storage to permanently store things that you don’t want to lose after turning it off

5. It’s d! iOS 13 is an operating system (generally referred to as OS)

6. It’s c! Computer hardware needs software to run and this is the software that usually comes pre-installed on your 📱 💻 🖥️

This means you can switch on your new 📱 💻 🖥️ and it has all the basic software needed to run it

The OS’s job is to provide an easy way for users to use their computers (via a User Interface)

It has also has applications that help you manage your computer

E.g. Control Panel that enables you to uninstall programs, add a printer, change display setting etc.

or Settings on iPhone

Anything else!? 🤔🤔

Another important responsibility of the OS is to make certain features, required by the Apps you download, available

For example, it’s the OS's responsibility to connect to the Internet and make that connection available to Apps

When you download an App from the App Store or Google Play

The download page will display this info

As you can see this App needs you to have Android 7 and above installed for it to work

This is because this App needs to use certain features that are only provided by Android version 7 and above

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