Anyone want to chat about eating disorders? Watch

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Know you’re not alone x. Ive been suffering from disordered eating for like a year now. What’s your story?
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I used to put it off as binge eating or comfort eating. I went through an illness when I was 11-12 that meant I physically couldn’t eat and when I was better my mother encouraged very unhealthy eating habits, “she’s too skinny, she can eat what she wants” sort of thing. She’s also not very good with portion control and is very fixated on body image. Fast forward eight years, I starve myself and binge eat, live at extremes. The thing is, this is okay, no one worries because I’m fat. When I lose weight, I get praise and that feels really good. I don’t starve myself so much anymore, I always try to eat at least something even if it’s ice cream or a cucumber and I have to limit the food I have in the house so I don’t eat thirty packets of crisps at once. Getting out of the house more and keeping occupied, having a routine and set meal times is also helpful for me but I’m still in the thick of it.

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